Boards and Commissions

Perry Township Board

The Perry Township Board is comprised of a Supervisor, Clerk, Treasurer and Two Trustees. The Perry Township Board meets on the first Wednesday of the month at 7:00 pm at the Township Hall.

Perry Township Planning Commission

The Planning Commission meets on the 3rd Thursday of the month at 7:00 pm in the Planning Commission Room at the Township Hall. The Planning Commission consists of the following members: Gene Paez, Chairperson; Walter Saxton, Vice-Chairperson; Sandra Michalek, Secretary; Mark Fraser,Township Board Rep.; and Laurence Place, Joe Ocenasek, and Duane Wood. If you have questions about the planning commission please contact Kelly Schmidt at 517-625-4597 Extension 3.

Perry Township Downtown Development Authority

The Perry Township Downtown Development Authority (DDA) is responsible for the administration of funds captured within the DDA district. The DDA district is much of the area between the City of Perry and the Village of Morrice along Lansing Rd. including the Perry Township Industrial Park. The DDA meets quarterly on the 3rd Thursday of Jan., April, July, and Oct.  at 7:00 pm at the Township Hall. The DDA Board consists of: Joe Audia, Chairman; Robert Piro, Vice Chairman; Mark Fulks, Secretary; Brian Pfiefle, Treasurer, Mark Fulks, Township Supervisor; Adam Elsesser, George Huffman, Angela Falzon, Robert Taylor and Sidney Grinnell. For questions about the DDA please contact Mark Fulks at 517-625-4597 Extension 6.

Perry Township Board of Review

The Perry Township Board of Review is responsible for hearing appeals about property assessments and certifying the assessment roll for property taxes. The Board of Review meets in March, July and December to hear appeals. Information about the specific dates and times is published near the meeting dates. The Board of Review consists of Jeff Michalek, Chairman; Jim Bashore, Vice-Chairman and Dave Fletcher. For questions about when the Board of Review meets call Mark Fulks, Supervisor at 517-625-4597 Ext: 6 or Steve Schweikert, Assessor at 517-625-4597 Ext: 5.