Planning Commission

The Planning Commission meets on the 3rd Thursday of the month at 7:00 pm in the Planning Commission Room at the Township Hall only if there is business to discuss, but does meet 4 times each year.

The Planning Commission consists of the following members (3-Year Terms):

Laurence Place (Expires 3-31-2017) H: 625-7202
Joe Ocenasek (Expires 3-31-2017) H: 625-3242
Duane Wood (Expires 3-31-2018) H: 989-627-2748
Walter Saxton (Expires 3-31-2018) H: 625-4047
Sandy Michalek (Expires 3-31-2019) H: 625-3576
Vacant (Expires 3-31-2019)
Mark Fraser (Board Appointed) H: 625-1290

If you have questions about the planning commission please contact Kelly Schmidt at 517-625-4597 Extension 223.