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May 15, 2014 DDA

Perry Township DDA

Minutes – May 15, 2014

Members present: Joe Audia, Sid Grinnell, Brian Pfeifle, Bob Piro, Bob Roberts, Adam Ellsesser.

Guest present: Justin Horvath

Approval of the agenda: Motion by Brian Pfeifle to approve agenda. Supported by Sid Grinnell. Motion carried.

Opportunity for the public to address the board: None present.

Approval of the minutes: Motion by Brian Pfeifle to approve minutes. Second by Adam Elsesser. Motion carried.

Treasures Report: Given by Brian Pfeifle. Attorney bill 1,000 – 04/23/14, Chemical Bank Interest 14.57 – 04/30/14, Munro Enterprises (Lawn mowing) 100.00 – 05/07/14, Perry Township Special Split – Light Bill 218.70 – 109.26 05/07/14, Attorney fees April 549.50 – 05/14/14. New balance = 175,516.09 Motion by Bob Piro to approve Treasurers Report. Supported by Bob Roberts. All ayes. Motion carried.

Old Business: Update from Joe Audia on request number from Consumers.

Joe was told by consumers that they could not give him a request number due to the fact, that he was not an elected official. Sid Grinnell to work on getting request number.

Update on Talbot Covenant from Brian Pfeifle. Attorney requested to change wording on Covenant and to verify well depth per DEQ. DEQ will approve property for commercial use.

Justin Horvath reviewed water main extension project expense break down presented by  township. With many questions not able to be answered and confusion around expense break down by township. Motion by Sid Grinnell to appoint Joe Audia and Bob Piro to serve as representatives for the DDA Board and to enter into negotiations with Township Board over water main extension project. Second by Bob Piro. Motion carried.

New Business: Property purchase for future combined Fire Departments (Perry & Morrice) centrally located. Sid Grinnell to contact property owner for possible purchase of property or donation of property to DDA.

Adjourned: Motion by Brian Pfeifle to adjourn. Supported by Bob Piro. Meeting adjourned at 8:07pm