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May 29, 2014 DDA

Perry Township DDA

Minutes – Special Meeting May 29, 2014

Members present: Brian Pfeifle, Bob Piro, Sid Grinnell, Joe Audia, Bob Roberts, Adam Elsesser.

Guest present: Justin Harvath, Kevin Feuka, Tom Chaput, Troy Parmalee, Jim Huguelot.

Opportunity for the public to address the board: None present.

Old Business: Why is DDA asked to come up with the money for the Water Main Extension Project and the township is not contributing. Joe Audia called for special meeting after meeting with township board and discussions on Water Main Extension Project, so all DDA members could have a better understanding of the proposal. Troy Parmalee from township board explained how the township captured tax, expenditures and the balance of captured tax collected each year was put into the roads. As a result, the township does not have funds to contribute to the project. Troy Parmalee was able to acquire request number for Lansing Road Street Light Project from Consumers Power.  Joe Audia explained that the DDA has been working on putting street lights down Lansing road to attract more business to the area and if the DDA uses the funds to fund the Water Main Extension Project, that the DDA will not have enough money to do the street light project. Joe Audia asked if the township could contribute to the Lansing Street Light Project so that could be completed. Kevin Feuka suggested, that maybe there could be a cost savings in the street light project by laying the cable for the lighting, at the same time as the water main. Kevin Feuka will look into a cost savings and follow up with the DDA Board. Many ideas where discussed. Motion by Brian Pfeifle to participate in current concept with further discussion of funding for phase one of water main extension project. Also that the DDA be part of any future negotiations and or discussions on water main extension project. Supported by Sid Grinnell. All ayes. Motion carried. Meeting set for Monday, June 2 @ 7:00pm City Hall, 3rd floor (DDA, Township and City Board Members) to further discuss funding of Water Main Extension Project.

Adjourned: Motion by Joe Audia to adjourn. Second by Bob Piro. Meeting adjourned at 7:57pm