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Sept. 9, 2015 Regular Meeting Min

Perry Township Regular Meeting

September 9, 2015


Present: Troy Parmalee, Treasurer; Mark Fraser and Francis Griffith, Trustees.

Absent: Sid Grinnell, Supervisor; Kelly Schmidt, Clerk.

Guests: Jami Cromley, Tom Bolduc


The Meeting was opened with the pledge to the flag.

Fraser moved; Griffith seconded to appoint Parmalee as Chairman for this meeting. Carried

Comments: Tom Bolduc discussed a noise ordinance concern. Fraser recommended that the time limit be enforced on Public Comments for all subsequent meetings.

Agenda approved: Fraser moved; Griffith seconded. Carried

August Minutes approved: Fraser moved; Griffith seconded. Carried

Sheriff Report: 163 Calls in the Twp, 33 traffic stops.

SSESA: 136 runs, 12 runs in Perry Twp for the year. 1041 total SSESA runs for the year.

Zoning: A couple building permits were issues and a site plan review was requested.

DDA: The lighting project for Rose Boulevard was approved up to $27,000 by the DDA.

Recycling: There was just under $400 donated in the last 2 months.

Library: Jami Cromley from the District Library gave the annual report for 2014-2015 and passed out brochures. Morrice is still having water problems. The CDL is looking into how to correct this problem. Storm doors will be installed.

I69 Corr: A reorganization of the officers due to people leaving has taken place.

Planning Comm: The Public Hearing for the Township’s Master Plan will be held on October 15, 2015 at 7:00pm, in the Planning Comm. room, at the Township Hall.

Financial Statements and Bills Paid: Fraser moved; Griffith seconded. Roll Call: Fraser, Griffith, Parmalee. All ayes Carried.

Correspondence: 1) There will be an Electronic Waste Recycling collection on Oct. 3 from 9-12 at the Shiawassee Conservation District Office. 2) There was a West Nile Virus Fact Sheet sent to us following the identification of a dead crow in the City of Perry.


Old Business:

  • ·        There was discussion on the Noise Ordinance for the County dated 1993. The Attorney General’s opinion in 2002 was that a noncharter county lacks authority to adopt a countywide noise control ordinance. Perry Township also has a noise ordinance that was not rescinded when this opinion was given, however the Township Board’s opinion is that it is unenforceable due to the fact that we don’t have a law enforcement department and the Sheriff’s Office won’t enforce local ordinances. In requesting assistance of the Sheriff it was noted that 1) they don’t have Deputies on after 4:00pm and 2) to contract with them would cost about $100,000 for enforcement.
  • ·        Update on the Water Extension Project was that the Transfleet Buildings are getting built but it looks like the Project may be done in the spring.
  • ·        The Ellsworth Rd Bridge still remains closed. The Drain Commissioner is looking into what the repair options are.


New Business:

  • ·        A recommendation was submitted by the Supervisor regarding the proposed 2016 Road Program. Griffith reported on a new Chip Seal process that may be used for 2016. The reason for the switch to the DM90 chip seal was for safety reasons of the workers. It uses 170* water compared to the current process of 300* oil when laying the sealant. Clinton Count has been using this process and has been happy with the results. They will be providing us a list of roads it has been used on to review.
  • ·        A foundation for the King Family was requested 14x60x42. In looking back to a previous families request of a similar size the cost was calculated the same. $840 for the foundation and the sexton to receive $432. Fraser moved; Griffith seconded. All ayes Carried

Adjourn: Griffith moved; Fraser seconded. Carried

Submitted by,

Kelly Schmidt, Clerk