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March 2, 2016 Annual Meeting & Budget Hearing

Annual Meeting & Budget Hearing

March 2, 2016


Present: Sidney Grinnell, Supervisor; Kelly Schmidt, Clerk; Troy Parmalee, Francis Griffith, Mark Fraser


The Annual Meeting was opened at 6:30 pm with the pledge to the flag.


The March 2, 2016 agenda was approved. Parmalee moved; Fraser seconded. All ayes Carried.

The March 11, 2015 Annual Meeting & Budget Hearing Minutes was approved. Fraser moved; Griffith seconded. All ayes Carried.


The Supervisor gave a year-end report. The roads in the Township are in good condition. The South Branch of the Looking Glass, Perry/Bennington and Perry #1 drains will be worked on.  The Township is good financial standing.


Salary Resolutions: The salary resolution as acted upon by the Township Board, to increase the salary of the Supervisor to $17,195. Parmalee moved; Fraser seconded. All ayes. Carried. Increase the Clerk’s salary to $17,195. Grinnell moved; Parmalee moved. All ayes. Carried. Increase the Treasurer’s salary to $17,195. Fraser moved; Schmidt seconded. All ayes. Carried.


Annual meeting adjourned at 6:35 pm. Schmidt moved; Parmalee seconded. Carried.


The Budget Hearing was opened at 6:36 pm.


Parmalee explained the 2016-2017 budget.


The DDA adopted their budget at the February meeting. For the General Fund budget, state revenue sharing is flat from last year. There was an increase in contracted services in the Cemetery budget. Recycling and Parks budgets remained the same. There were minor changes in the other categories.

The unused Capital Outlay from year to year under Building & Grounds, will be put in a new line item in the Land & Building fund called Hall Sinking Fund for the use of high dollar repairs like the parking lot or roof. There will be nothing taken from the Road fund this year.


The 2016-2017 General fund and other budgets were approved with 1 mill as reduced by the Headlee Role Back to be levied. Parmalee moved; Grinnell seconded. Roll Call: Grinnell, Fraser, Griffith, Schmidt, Parmalee. All ayes Carried.


The Budget Hearing Adjourned at 6:37 pm. Parmalee moved; Fraser seconded. Carried.