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Dec. 5, 2018 Regular Meeting Minutes

Perry Township

Regular Meeting Minutes

December 5, 2018


Present: Mark Fulks, Supervisor; Kelly Schmidt, Clerk; Troy Parmalee, Treasurer; Mark Fraser and Frances Griffith, Trustees.

Guests: Victor Darling, Mark Coscarelli, and Walt Saxton.


The Supervisor opened the meeting with the pledge to the flag.

Agenda was approved with additions. Fraser moved; Schmidt seconded. All ayes Carried.


October 31, 2018 Meeting Minutes were approved. Parmalee moved; Fraser seconded. All ayes Carried.

SSESA: 21 runs for the month, 216 for the year in Perry Twp. Total SSESA runs for the year was 1564.

DDA: The Lansing Road lighting project is under way. Boring for the poles has been completed. Digging and Trenching for the electrical will begin Jan. 2nd.

Co. Comm: Mark Coscarelli gave a report on the happenings at the County. A 17 million dollar budget for 2019 is being worked on. Revenues are up 5%. He expressed his gratitude for the support in the last 2 years that he was our commissioner and recommends continued planning for the future.

Recycling: Donations for Nov. were $200. The donation box has been removed with the discontinuance of the recycling program ending Dec. 31, 2018.

Library: Log on to for upcoming program and events in Perry and Morrice.

SEDP: The SEDP has been working diligently to boost the job market in Shiawassee County. There was discussion with SATA to start their service earlier and run later to accommodate peoples work start and end times for their jobs.

Financial Statement and Pay the Bills: Fulks moved; Griffith seconded to approve. Roll Call: Fulks, Fraser, Griffith, Schmidt, Parmalee. All ayes Carried.


Correspondence: We received notice from the State of Michigan that a parcel will be deeded to the Twp that is non-conforming and non-buildable. We will contact the adjoining property owners to see if they would like to purchase it.



  • ·         Fraser gave a Miller Rd drain update after attending the Bennington Twp Meeting. A replacement drain tube was ordered on Nov 26 and placement will be scheduled soon for the Miller road drain that borders the Perry and Bennington Twp. Each Twp will pay half for the repair.


  • ·         The winter board of review will be Dec. 11, 2018 at 9:00am for corrections only.
  • ·         Recreational Marijuana was discussed. The Township will not consider an ordinance at this point while waiting for LARA to specify licensing requirements.
  • ·         Walt Saxton reported on a seminar the he and Duane Wood attended for Future Land Use Planning.


Adjourn:  Fraser moved; Griffith seconded. Carried

Kelly Schmidt, Clerk