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January 2, 2019 Regular Meeting Minutes

Perry Township

Regular Meeting Minutes

January 2, 2019


Present: Mark Fulks, Supervisor; Kelly Schmidt, Clerk; Troy Parmalee, Treasurer; Mark Fraser and Frances Griffith Trustee.

Guests: Duane Wood, Jay Latunski, John Michalec, Ric Crawford, Mike Constine, Troy Howes, Brent Friess.


The Supervisor opened the meeting with the pledge to the flag.

Agenda was approved with additions. Fraser moved; Griffith seconded. All ayes Carried


Dec. 5, 2018 Meeting minutes were approved. Parmalee moved; Fraser seconded. All ayes Carried

Sheriff’s report: 134 calls, 28 traffic stops in the township.

SSESA: 16 runs for the month, 232 for the year in the township, and 1680 total SSESA runs for the year.

DDA: Next meeting is Jan 17, 2019, 7:00pm Township Hall.

Financial Statement and Pay the Bills: Fraser moved; Griffith seconded. Roll Call: Fulks, Fraser, Griffith, Schmidt, Parmalee. All ayes Carried.



  • ·         Fulks presented municipalities and counties that have moved to opt out of Medical/Recreational Marijuana. Fraser recommended tabling any further action on this topic.



  • ·         Brent Friess from the Road Commission gave an overview of recommended 2019 road projects in the township.
  • ·         Board of Review members Jeff Michalek, David Fletcher, and Jim Bashore were reappointed for a 2 year term Jan. 2019 – Jan 2021. Fraser moved; Parmalee seconded. Roll Call: Fraser, Griffith, Schmidt, Parmalee, Fulks. All ayes Carried.
  • ·         Board of Review training was approved for Feb. 20, 2019 in the amount of $91 ea for the Board of review members, assessor and supervisor. Parmalee moved; Griffith seconded. Roll Call: Griffith, Schmidt, Parmalee, Fulks, Fraser. All ayes Carried.
  • ·         Parmalee recommended additional tree trimming projects this fiscal year with money left over in the road budget. Targeted areas are Morrice Rd and Church Rd (Beardslee to Ruess Rd.) We will request a bid from the Road Commission for action at the Feb. Twp meeting.
  • ·         Schmidt presented an updated Roselawn Cemetery rules book. Discussion on clarification and changes to some rules will be addressed and re-presented at the next meeting.
  • ·         Fulks would like to attend the Chamber of Commerce annual dinner on Jan. 24, 2019 in the amount of $45. Parmalee moved; Fraser seconded. Roll Call: Parmalee, Fulks, Fraser, Griffith, Schmidt. All ayes Carried.
  • ·         The light at the intersection of M-52/Beard Rd has been out for some time because Consumers energy is no longer repairing lights that string over the center of intersections. The new light will be on a pole in the corner of the intersection. They will upgrade the light to a LED at no additional cost. Parmalee moved; Fraser seconded to amend the Consumers street light contract. Roll Call: Fulks, Fraser, Griffith, Schmidt, Parmalee. All ayes Carried.
  • ·         The MTA Conference is April 1-4. Parmalee moved; Griffith seconded to allow any board member, deputies and assessor to attend the conference. Roll Call: Fulks, Fraser, Griffith, Schmidt, Parmalee. All ayes Carried.

Adjourn: Griffith moved; Fulks seconded. Carried.

Kelly Schmidt, Clerk