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DDA January 2019 Meeting Minutes

Perry Township DDA

Meeting Minutes for January 17, 2019




Call to order: by Chairman Bob Piro at 7:00 PM


Pledge to flag: The Chairman opened the meeting with pledge to the U.S. Flag


Member Roll Call: Robert Taylor, Angela Falzon, Adam Elsesser, Joe Audia; Brian             Pfeifle, Bob Piro, Mark Fulks

Absent: Don Todd


Guests: Joe Himm – Sr. Project Coordinator, Consumers Energy


Approval of the Agenda: Brian Pfeifle made a motion; seconded by Robert Taylor to accept the agenda. All ayes.


Public to address the DDA Board: none


Approval of the Minutes from the October 18, 2018 meeting: The minutes were reviewed and a motion to approve by Adam Elsesser; seconded by Robert Taylor. All ayes.


Treasurer’s Report/Approval: Brian Pfeifle gave a detailed DDA income/expenses report for the period 10/1/18 thru 1/15/19 with a balance to date of $233,302.30. Angela Falzon made a motion to accept the report as presented; Joe Audia seconded. All ayes.


Old Business:

  1. Lansing Road Lighting Project – Joel Himm from Consumers Energy updated the Board on the road project. The 38 POLES ARE IN!!! and he noted that the job is progressing with a couple changes to the scope including the underground cable/wire being run in PVC conduit; silt fencing being installed along the trench areas. He noted that there would be no additional cost to the Township. He discussed that the steel poles are installed with a large auger that goes into the ground approx. 6’ and the poles do not require concrete, etc. for securing them into the ground. He also noted fuses are installed on each pole to allow for easy repair (if required) without the other lights going out while being worked on.
  2. Joe noted as of this date the completion date, subject to change, is 2/7/19. We discussed the dedication sign to honor Sid Grinnell for his effort on this Road Project. Joel noted that we could not put the bronze plaque on one of the poles and discussed a bench (with the plaque) near the site or a post with the plaque near one of the ends of the Project. Mark Fulks noted that he had contacted the Road Commission and they stated that the bench idea would not work; but will issue the Township a permit for the post with the plaque. Consumers will proceed with the post and plaque so it can be installed for the Dedication of the Project.

New Business:

  1. 2019 Budget Information/Approval – The new 2019/2020 DDA Budget was reviewed and discussed by Brian Pfeifle. He noted that he met this week with Troy Parmalee, Township Treasurer. Brian noted that we had come in ‘under budget’ the last year and stated this years’ budget as presented is basically the same as last year at $168,100.00. He noted that the only cost still outstanding is the balance owed to Consumers Energy for the last payment on the Lansing Road Lighting Project for $58,664.55. Bob Piro noted that this should be separately noted in our budget and, if needed, deduct it from our “Contingency” line item in the Budget. A motion was made by Brian Pfeifle to establish a line item for $58,664.55 for the Consumer Energy final bill; seconded by Bob Piro. Roll Call vote: Joe Audia-yes; Adam Elsesser-yes; Robert Taylor-yes; Mark Fulks-yes; Angie Falzon-yes; Bob Piro-yes; Brian Pfeifle-yes. All ayes. Angela Falzon made a motion to accept the 2019/2020 DDA Budget; seconded by Brian Pfeifle. Roll Call vote: Robert Piro-yes; Brian Pfeifle-yes; Joe Audia-yes; Angie Falzon-yes; Adam Elsessor-yes; Robert Taylor-yes; Mark Fulks-yes. All ayes.


  1. DDA Membership renewals – it was noted that Angela Falzon and Don Todd terms will expires on 3/31/19 and need to submit letters to the Township Board before their Monthly Board Meeting which is March 6, 2019.
  2. New Member to DDA Board – a vacancy exists on our DDA Board and it was suggested that we extend a welcome to Kris Morse who moved into our Industrial Park a short time ago.       Mark Fulks noted that he would visit Kris and see if he would be interested in joining the DDA Board.
  3. Medical/recreational marijuana establishment(s) as it applies to the DDA – The Perry Township Planning Commission members has a meeting tonight as well, and they joined our DDA meeting to interact with us on the MJ (marijuana) discussion. A brief history of the State of Michigan MJ laws and ballot initiative was given by Mark Fulks and discussion centered around the DDA Boards’ thoughts on allowing a MJ establishment in the boundaries of the DDA properties. Each of the DDA members gave their ideas and thoughts on the subject. The majority of members suggest we that a “wait and see” attitude allowing the State of MI to develop the laws by Dec. 6, 2019 and see what the county zoning board and county commissioners draft or pass down the road.



  1. Next Regular Meeting Date: April 18, 2019 at 7 PM.


Adjournment: Mark Fulks made a motion to dismiss; seconded by Joe Audia. All ayes. The DDA meeting was adjourned at 8:00 PM.


Minutes prepared by:



Mark Fulks, P.E., Supervisor

Perry Township