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DDA April 2019 Meeting Minutes

Perry Township DDA

Meeting Minutes for April 17, 2019



Call to order: by Chairman Bob Piro at 6:39 PM


Pledge to flag: The Chairman opened the meeting with pledge to the U.S. Flag


Required Informational Meeting on DDA Activities: Meeting called to Order by

Chairman, Bob Piro at 6:41 PM.  No visitors; no comments. Meeting closed by

Chairman at 6:42 PM.


Member Roll Call: Angela Falzon-present, Adam Elsesser-present, Brian Pfeifle-present,

Bob Piro-present, Kris Morse-present, Mark Fulks-present.

Absent: Robert Taylor & Joe Audia


Guest(s): Justin Horvath, President, SEDP


Approval of the Agenda: Brian Pfeifle made a motion; seconded by Adam Elsesser to accept the Agenda. All ayes.


Public to address the DDA Board: none


Approval of the Minutes from the January 17, 2019 meeting: The minutes were reviewed and a motion to approve by Angie Falzon; seconded by Brian Pfeifle. All ayes.


Treasurer’s Report/Approval: Brian Pfeifle gave a detailed DDA income/expenses report for the period 1/1/19 thru 4/16/19 with a balance to date of $234,140.65. He stated that approx. $58,000 is still due Consumers Energy when the Lighting Project is completed.  Mark Fulks made a motion to accept the report as presented; Kris Morse seconded. All ayes.


Old Business:

  1. Lansing Road Lighting Project – Mark Fulks noted that Joel Himm from Consumers Energy has given a couple updates on the Project over the past couple months. The LIGHT POLES/LIGHTS ARE BEING INSTALLED!!! Mark also noted that he has had discussions with Kathryn Burkholder, Consumers Energy, Consumer Affairs Manager for our area regarding the dedication sign they are providing to the Township for installation along the Lansing Road near Elsesser’s Garage. Mark also got with the Road Commission who will provide a permit to us for the sign.


New Business:

  1. Election of 2019 Officers – Nomination for Officers was opened by Chairman Bob Piro; Nomination for Chairman: Brian Pfeifle made a motion to nominate Bob Piro for Chairman, second by Mark Fulks. All Ayes.   Nominations were opened for Vice Chairman: Bob Piro made a motion to nominate Adam Elsesser, seconded by Brian Pfeifle. All Ayes.       Nominations were opened for Treasurer: Rob Piro made a motion to elect Brian Pfeifle for Treasurer, seconded by Angie Falzon. All Ayes. Nomination for Secretary: Bob Piro made a motion to elect Mark Fulks for Secretary, seconded by Brian Pfeifle. All Ayes.


  1. SEDP letter from Justin Horvath was presented to the DDA Board for review. It was a contact sheet for the SEDP and used as a membership contact update.


  1. Vacancy in DDA Board – one (1) vacancy exists on our DDA Board and it was suggested that we look at a business owner and a family practice along Lansing Road. Brian will discuss joining with the business and Mark will discuss joining the DDA with the doctor. It was noted that two (2) members were sworn in before our meeting tonight: Angela Falzon – term expires 3/2023 and Kris Morse – term expires 3/2021.


  1. DDA land for sale – Lansing Road – Justin Horvath outlined a discussion he had with an interested party to purchase the one acre property at 2400 W Lansing Road to use as a staging area for transport trucks from Crest Pontoons in Owosso, MI. Troy Parmalee our Township Treasurer and Justin met with Jason Gardiner from Custom Transporters in Ohio at the property site last Saturday. Troy presented (via email) a history of the property and Brian gave the DDA involvement in the deeding of the property to the DDA and the remediation that occurred years ago. The property has a restrictive covenant and non-residual land use from the DEQ.       It was decided by the DDA Board to have Justin made a phone call to Mr. Gardiner during our meeting and present the DDA Board purchase offer to him. Brian Pfeifle made a motion to sell the property at 2400 W. Lansing Road, Perry, MI. for $22,500 with buyer assuring all legal/closing costs. Seconded by Angie Falzon. Roll Call vote: Bob Piro-yes; Kris Morse-yes; Adam Elsesser-yes; Angie Falzon-yes; Mark Fulks-yes; Brian Pfeifle-yes. All Ayes.

Justin called Mr. Gardiner and the DDA Board discussed his use of the property and required needs. Our bid/offer was substantially more than he wanted to pay and the Board told him that we thought that was a fair price.  Bob Piro suggested that the  Board might look at a lease/purchase option on the property and he was more interested in that proposal.  The Board told him they would explore this option with our Township Treasurer and others and Justin could get back with him.



  1. Recodified Tax Increment Financing Act (ACT 57) of 2018. The new Act was discussed with the DDA Board. Mark Fulks attended an MTA conference on the subject in Grand Rapids last month and discussed the requirements of this standard. Our Clerk and Treasurer have completed all the requirements due on April 1, 2019 and are on the DDA section of our Perry Township website, as required by this Act.

The DDA Board also outlined some DDA Accomplishments; DDA Activities & Goals and DDA Explanation of Revenues which will also be posted on our website.



  1. Next Regular Meeting Date: July 17, 2019 at 6:30 PM.


Adjournment: Brian Pfeifle made a motion to dismiss; seconded by Adam Elsesser. All ayes. The DDA meeting was adjourned at 8:00 PM.


Minutes prepared by:


Mark Fulks, P.E., Supervisor

Perry Township