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June 5, 2019 Regular Meeting Minutes

Perry Township

Regular Meeting Minutes

June 5, 2019


Present: Mark Fulks, Supervisor; Kelly Schmidt, Clerk; Troy Parmalee, Treasurer; Mark Fraser and Frances Griffith, Trustees.

Guests: Duane Wood, Darlene Parks, Tom Emery and James Huguelet.


The Supervisor opened the meeting with the pledge to the flag.

The agenda was approved. Parmalee moved; Fraser seconded. All ayes Carried.

The May 1, 2019 Minutes was approved. Fraser moved; Griffith seconded. All ayes Carried.


Sheriff’s Report: 56 traffic stops and 182 calls in the township for the month.

SSESA Report: 18 runs for the month; 83 for the year in the Twp and 560 total SSESA runs for the year.

The financial statement was approved to pay the bills: Fraser moved; Fulks seconded. Roll Call: Fulks, Fraser, Griffith, Schmidt, Parmalee. All ayes Carried.



  • ·         The Studio 130 proposal has been tabled until the next meeting.



  • ·         The Ordinance No. 2019-2 Prohibition of Recreational Marihuana Establishments was approved. This ordinance defines the prohibition of marihuana establishments within the boundaries of Perry Township, provides penalties for violation, severability, repeal and to provide an effective date. Fraser moved; Griffith seconded. Roll Call: Fraser, Griffith, Schmidt, Parmalee, Fulks. All ayes Carried.
  • ·         The Ordinance No. 2019-3 First Amending Pension Plan was approved. This ordinance clarified who was covered and excluded from the existing pension plan. Griffith moved; Fraser seconded. Roll Call: Griffith, Schmidt, Parmalee, Fulks, Fraser. All ayes Carried.
  • ·         Revision #1 budget amendments for 2019-2020 to increase 101-209-702 Assessor Salaries by $8,250 to $26,250, reduce 101-209-802 Contracted Services by $1,500 to $0, reduce 101-299-237 Retirement by $1,275 to $15,725 and increase 101-000-002 Opening Fund Balance by $5,475 to $115,475. Increase 101-000-584 from Tax Fund by $3,500 TO $3,500 and increase 101-205-900 Tax Printing & Publishing by $3,500 to $7,750. Fulks moved; Griffith seconded to approve. Roll Call: Schmidt, Parmalee, Fulks, Fraser, Griffith. All ayes Carried.
  • ·         The Board abstained from voting the Par Plan election ballot due to lack of knowledge of candidates.
  • ·         The Clerk discussed an upcoming windows 10 upgrade that the State of Michigan is requiring in order to use the Qualified Voter File and for elections. This update will include the Clerk, Deputy Clerk’s computers and 2 election lap tops. We will evaluate whether the computers and lap tops can just install windows 10 or have to be purchased new.
  • ·         There was discussion regarding Mr. Mosher’s property and it’s use that is within the Township (zoned residential), a parcel in the City of Perry (zoned residential) and Mr. Eyde’s property that Mr. Mosher is leasing (zoned heavy industrial) with access from M-52. It is our understanding that Mr. Mosher intends to operate a concrete crushing plant to be located in the heavy industrial area in the City. Perry City Mayor Huguelet updated the Board regarding the issued permit allowing Mr. Mosher to store reclaimed concrete. There has also been an application for a permit to crush concrete. Both municipalities have many questions about the proposed concrete crushing operation. Mayor Huguelet said the City will be drafting an ordinance as far as noise and hours of operation. The Township Board is concerned about the semi-trucks that will be transporting the concrete and entering the worksite off of M-52 with no ingress and egress lanes; especially because there are curves before and after the entrance. It was recommended by the Board to send a letter to MDOT expressing our concerns. The Township is also concerned with the use of the property that is within the Township. It was recommended by the Board to send a letter to the County expressing the zoning and operations of this property.


Public Comments: Duane Wood noted that MDOT should handle all requirements for ingress and egress the same for all businesses.


Adjourn: Parmalee moved; Fraser seconded. Carried.


Kelly Schmidt, Clerk