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DDA Jan 2020 Minutes

Perry Township DDA

Agenda for Meeting January 15, 2020




Call to order: Chairman Bob Piro called the meeting to order at 6:32 PM


Pledge to flag: The pledge to the U.S. Flag was conducted


Member Roll Call: Present: Joe Audia; Bob Piro; Brian Pfeifle; Stacey Matthews; Robert Taylor; Mark Fulks; Kris Morse

Absent: Angela Falzon; Adam Elsesser


Guests: Justin Horvath (SEDP) to address to DDA


Approval of the Agenda: Bob Piro suggested we switch Item 5 (new business) and Item 1 so we can discuss Bennett Drive before the 2020 Budget Approval. Brian Pfeifle made a motion to accept the Agenda as modified; seconded by Kris Morse. All Ayes.


Opportunity for the Public to address the DDA Board: None


Approval of the Minutes from the October 16, 2019 meeting: Joe Audia made the motion to approve the minutes; seconded by Brian Pfeifle. All Ayes.


Treasurer’s Report/Approval: Brian Pfeifle, Treasurer discussed the current DDA bills from 10/1/19 thru 1/14/20. The total balance as of today is $204,151.16. Joe Audia made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s report; seconded by Bob Piro. All Ayes.


Old Business:

  1. Consumers Energy Lighting Project – Final Bill payment ($8,664.55). Brian noted that the final payment for the Lighting Project was paid on 11/6/2019. Discussed the need to make contact with Kathryn from Consumers Energy regarding the status of the ordered replaced light pole and fixture that was damaged last year. Mark Fulks will get in contact with her.
  2. Spartan Fence Property – Justin Horvath presented to the DDA Board a brief history and overview of the Spartan Fence Property up for sale to PMW (Precision Metal Works) from Haslett, MI. Justin gave the latest update on PMW’s discussion with Spartan Fence; PMW has received a copy of the letter from the Perry Township Board regarding their agreement with the discharge parameters presented to them from Steve Hughes from Hughes Environmental Services who monitors the Morrice Lagoon. Steve gave discharge parameters and product MSDS details from PMW to the State of Michigan EGLE (Dept of Environmental, Great Lakes & Energy) regarding the sewage discharge and EGLE did not see any problem areas or concern. Justin noted that the realtor was going to meet with PMW or Spartan Fence the first of next week.




New Business:

  1. SEDP pledge due $2,500.00 – Discussion and motion was made to approve the yearly   SEDP pledge for $2,500.00 as requested. Stacey Matthews made motion to approve; seconded by Brian Pfeifle. Roll Call vote: Joe Audia-yes; Bob Piro-yes; Brian Pfeifle-yes; Stacey Matthews-yes; Mark Fulks-yes; Robert Taylor-yes; Kris Morse-yes. All Ayes.
  1. Bennett Drive – discussion about re-surfacing: A review of the past work on Bennett Drive with the DDA paying for resurface work in 2002 in the amount of $10,800.00 and noting that has been the only major maintenance done on the road. Mark Fulks stated that during the Perry Township Board Meeting last week it was noted that the Road Commission gave a high-end estimate of $84,000 to install a layer of asphalt, wedging and seal coat the road. The Board approved spitting the cost of this work with the DDA. Bob Piro noted that Rose Blvd should be looked at for some work and Mark Fulks noted that he would get with Road Commission and look at this for future work; also it was noted that three or so cut-outs in the Bennett Drive road have sunken and should also be noted to the Road Commission. This will be also noted to them. A motion was made by Joe Audia to approve the split of the cost of the road work on Bennett Drive with the Perry Township Board in a not to exceed amount of $42,000.00 (after the sub-grade areas on Bennett Drive are looked at); seconded by Kris Morse. Roll Call vote: Robert Taylor-yes; Bob Piro-yes; Stacey Matthews-yes; Brian Pfeifle-yes; Mark Fulks-yes; Kris Morse-yes; Joe Audia-yes. All Ayes.
  2. DDA membership renewals (2) – Joe Audia and Brian Pfeifle were both presented letters of intent to be considered for another term by the Perry Township Board in their February, 2020 meeting.
  3. Election of Officers – 2020 – The Election occurred: Motion was made to re-elect Robert Piro as Chairman by Brian Pfeifle; seconded by Joe Audia. All Ayes. Vice – Chairman: motion was made by Robert Taylor to keep Adam Elsesser in that position; seconded by Brian Pfeifle; All Ayes. Treasurer: motion by Bob Piro to keep Brian Pfeifle in as Treasurer; seconded by Joe Audia. All Ayes. Secretary: motion to keep Mark Fulks in as Secretary by Brian Pfeifle; seconded by Kris Morse. All Ayes.
  4. 2020 Budget Information & Approval: Bennett Drive road resurfacing was discussed and it was decided to ADD a line item to the new budget of 2020 for the Bennett Drive road work for $42,000. A motion was made by Brian Pfeifle to keep the items the same and add Bennett Drive resurfacing; seconded by Bob Piro. Roll Call vote: Stacey Matthews-yes; Robert Taylor-yes; Kris Morse-yes; Joe Audia-yes; Bob Piro-yes; Mark Fulks-yes; Brian Pfeifle-yes. All Ayes.
  5. By-Law books: It was noted that copies of the DDA Board’s by-law book needs to be given to Stacey Matthews and Kris Morse. Mark Fulks will get with the Township Clerk and get copies to them.
  6. Lighting – West side of DDA district – Lansing Road: It was discussed to get with Consumers Energy and work with them on a proposal for installing lighting along the west side of old Lansing Road (similar to the lighting installed last year on the East side of Lansing Road. Mark Fulks will get with Kathryn from Consumers Energy and follow up.


Public Comments: N/A


Adjournment: Motion was made by Brian Pfeifle to adjourn; seconded by Joe Audia. All Ayes. Adjourned at 7:45 PM.


Submitted by:



Mark Fulks, P.E., Supervisor

Perry Township