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DDA July 2020 Minutes

Perry Township DDA

Minutes for Meeting July 15, 2020



Call to order: Chairman Bob Piro called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM


Pledge to flag: The pledge to the US flag was held.


Required Informational Meeting on DDA Activities: Chairman Piro called the Informational Meeting to order at 6:35 PM. Discussed the Perry Township DDA Website information added the pavement of Bennett Drive to the list and fund balance as of July, 2020 of $199,158.00. Brian Pfeifle made a motion to Adjourn; seconded by Robert Taylor. All Ayes. Meeting closed at 6:42 PM.


Member Roll Call: Joe Audia – present; Robert Piro – present; Brian Pfeifle – present; Stacey Matthews – present; Robert Taylor – present; Kris Morse – present; Mark Fulks – present.

Absent: Angela Falzon & Adam Elsesser


Guests: none


Approval of the Agenda: Robert Piro made a motion to approve; seconded by Joe Audia. All Ayes.


Opportunity for the Public to address the DDA Board: none


Approval of the Minutes from the January 15, 2020 meeting: Brian Pfeifle made a motion to approve; seconded by Robert Taylor. All Ayes.


Treasurer’s Report/Approval: Brian gave an update on the Treasurer’s Report. Joe Audia made a motion to approve the report; seconded by Stacey Matthews. All Ayes.


Old Business:

  1. Lansing Road Lighting Project – Broken lighting pole and fixture replaced – Consumers Energy installed the new light pole and LED lamp on Old Lansing Road this last month.
  2. Pavement of Bennett Drive – The pavement is completed on Bennett Drive and the billing is due from the Road Commission soon. The Township and DDA will split the estimated cost of $62,660.00 for the road resurfacing. Actual cost to split is $58,927.45 total.


New Business:

  1. Perry Township DDA Website Information update – this was completed in our earlier required Informational Meeting on DDA Activities and will be posted on the Perry Township website.
  1. Update on DDA Activities – discussed several ongoing projects and details of       several area projects.
  2. Lighting – West side of DDA District – Mark Fulks contacted our area Consumers Energy Manager, Kathryn Burkholder to have Consumers assist us with a Quotation on the installation of new lights on the West side of Old Lansing Road similar to the ones installed last year on the East side of the road. Additional comments included asking the City of Perry if they would like to join us in adding lighting from Dollar General on the East side and continuing to Britton Road where we would continue them on Britton Road to Ruess Road.
  1. Robert Piro suggested we get with the Road Commission and see if a white line could be installed (turn lane) before the entrance to Bennett Drive going East. Mark Fulks stated he would get with the Road Commission to see about getting this done.


Public Comments: none


The Next DDA Meeting will be held on Wednesday, October 21, 2020 at 6:30 PM.


Adjournment: Joe Audia made a motion to adjourn; seconded by Brian Pfeifle. Meeting adjourned at 7:15 PM.


Submitted by:



Mark Fulks, P.E., Supervisor

Perry Township