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DDA October 2019 Minutes

Perry Township DDA

Minutes for October 16, 2019




Call to order: Meeting was called to Order by Chairman Robert Piro at 6:34 PM.


Pledge to flag: The Pledge to the Flag was conducted.


Member Roll Call: Present: Brian Pfeifle; Robert Piro; Stacey Matthews; Kris Morse; Adam Elsesser; Robert Taylor; Mark Fulks; Joe Audia

Absent: Angela Falzon


Guest(s): Justin Horvath, Shiawassee County SEDP


Approval of the Agenda: Brian Pfeifle made a motion to approve the Agenda; seconded by Robert Taylor. All Ayes.


Opportunity for the Public to address the DDA Board: N/A


Approval of the Minutes from the Sept. 17, 2019 meeting: Brian Pfeifle made a motion to accept the Minutes of 9/17/19; seconded by Robert Taylor. All Ayes.


Treasurer’s Report/Approval: Brian reported on the treasurer’s report as presented to the Board. He noted the lighting billing for a couple months and also the partial payment to Consumers Energy on the Lansing Road street light installation. Balance of $198,579.86. Kris Morse made a motion to accept the report; seconded by Stacey Matthews. All Ayes.


Old Business:

  1. Lansing Road Lighting Project – Several items still need to be addressed as far as the restoration from the underground cable installation for the lighting project. The DDA Board withheld approx. $8,700 until this work is completed. Kathryn from Consumers Energy sent an email to Mark Fulks stating that Floyd Moyers, the Owosso electric field foreman will get with me before this Friday to view the areas of concern. Robert Piro made a motion to pay the balance to Consumers Energy once the restoration work is competed and signed off by two (2) members of the Board (Brian Pfeifle and Joe Audia). Robert Taylor seconded the motion. Roll Call vote: Joe Audia-Yes; Robert Piro-Yes; Brian Pfeifle-Yes; Stacey Matthews-Yes; Robert Taylor-Yes; Adam Elsesser-Yes; Kris Morse-Yes; Mark Fulks-Yes. All Ayes.
  2. DDA land – Brian Pfeifle researched the DDA land and gave the Board a report on the money it has invested. Over $58,000 has been spent on the property for cleanup and engineering costs associated with the remediation work on the property.



New Business:

  1. Newest Member DDA Board – The Board welcomed its newest member: Stacey Matthews.
  2. SEDP update from Justin Horvath – An update was given on a couple projects: A company want to build a 15,000 sq ft building and employ approx. 15 employees. They are an R & D food manufacturing company. They will need access to water and sewer which is not available along the old Lansing Road DDA District. He suggested they may be looking at a piece of property west of the Township property. Joe Audia asked about infrastructure grants from the US Rural Development program and Justin noted that Cristy Cook is our contact. He said he would make contact with her for us. Justin also discussed the relocation of Spartan Fence Company if the PMW (Precision Metal Works) company is able to secure that property. It depends upon the discharge parameters from that company which the wastewater person hired by the Village of Morrice is researching with the DEQ.

Public Comments: N/A


Adjournment: Brian Pfeifle made a motion to adjourn at 7:22 PM; seconded by Joe Audia.



Minutes submitted by:



Mark Fulks, P.E., Supervisor

Perry Township