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DDA Sept 2019 Minutes

Perry Township DDA

Minutes for Special Meeting September 17, 2019




Call to order: Robert Piro called the meeting to order at 6:31 PM.


Pledge to flag: Pledge was performed


Required Informational Meeting on DDA Activities: Robert Piro called the Informational Meeting to order at 6:33 PM. NO Public present. Closed meeting at 6:34 PM.


Member Roll Call: Robert Piro, Brian Pfeifle, Robert Taylor, Adam Elsesser, Kris Morse, Mark Fulks, Joe Audia – Present

Angela Falzon – Absent


Guests: Stacey Matthews – Perry Physical Therapy; Shawn Scepka – Scepka Builders


Approval of the Agenda: Brian Pfeifle made a motion to approve; seconded by Robert Taylor – All Ayes.


Opportunity for the Public to address the DDA Board: None


Approval of the Minutes from the April 17, 2019 meeting: The Minutes were reviewed. Robert Taylor made a motion to approve; seconded by Adam Elsesser. All Ayes.


Treasurer’s Report/Approval: The Treasurer’s report for the Period 4/1/19 thru 9/17/19 was reviewed and discussed. Kris Morse made a motion to approve; seconded by Robert Taylor. All Ayes. Balance is at $250,109.70.


Old Business:

  1. Lansing Road Lighting Project – LIGHTS INSTALLED – discussed the completed lighting project and discussed the traffic accident that took out one of our newly installed lamp poles. A police report was obtained by the Township and given to Consumers Energy for them to secure possible insurance claim. It was noted that Consumers Energy has ordered a replacement pole. Also discussed was the fact that a couple areas where the underground lighting cable was ran has not be restored. Mark Fulks will get with Consumers to get that completed. He also noted that the lamps along Bennett Drive have been replaced according to the completed work orders from Consumers Energy.
  2. Consumers Energy Lighting Project – Final Bill payment ($58,664.55) – the final billing was discussed and it was determined that only a partial payment will occur since the landscaping has not been totally completed. Brian Pfeifle made a motion to pay $50.000.00 for the Lighting Project to Consumers Energy and hold the balance of $8,664.55 until the work is competed. Seconded by Joe Audia. Roll Call vote: Bob Piro-Yes; Robert Taylor-Yes; Adam Elsesser-Yes; Joe Audia-Yes; Brian Pfeifle-Yes; Mark Fulks-Yes; Kris Morse-Yes. All Ayes.
  3. Lansing Road Sign reveal – July 24, 2019 – discussed the unveiling of the sign dedicated to our former Township Supervisor Sid Grinnell and they fact that it was well attended by community members and family members.


New Business:

  1. Guy Hubbard, SW Shiawassee Emergency Services Alliance – Brian Pfeifle spoke on his behalf and discussed the possible placement of a new SSESA building along old Lansing Road and the purchase of property near the barber shop.
  1. DDA land for sale – noted that the DDA Board price is around $22,500.00
  2. Vacancy in DDA Board – Stacey Matthews submitted a letter of interest in joining our DDA Board. Brian Pfeifle made a motion to appoint her; seconded by Joe Audia. All Ayes. This will be forwarded to the Perry Township Board.
  3. Shawn Scepka, Scepka Builders – Shawn spoke about working with a business venture dealing with food R & D and sells various items direct to stores and the possibility of expanding to a 15,000 sq ft. building, hiring approx. 15 employees but would need fire suppression and water/sewer connections. The Board discussed water and sewer future and possible USDA, SEDP and other grants. Bob Piro stated that if we had enough need, we would be more inclined to pursue future water/sewer expansion.
  4. Spartan Fence – discussed the fact that PMW (Professional Metal Works) is looking at purchasing both buildings/property from Spartan Fence. Spartan would relocate. A meeting occurred at PMW’s location on Bath Road with the SEPD, PMW, Steve Hughes from the Morrice lagoon and Mark Fulks to discuss discharge levels from PMW and if the levels are acceptable. Steve will get with the DEQ staff person and review previous monitoring reports from PMW and get back to us.



Public Comments: None


Adjournment: Joe Audia made a motion to adjourn; seconded by Brian Pfeifle. All Ayes. Adjourned at 7:55 PM.



Submitted by:



Mark Fulks, P.E., Supervisor

Perry Township