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July 28, 2021 Regular Meeting Minutes

Perry Township

Regular Meeting Minutes

July 28, 2021

Present : Mark Fulks, Supervisor; Kelly Schmidt, Clerk ; Troy Parmalee, Treasurer; Mark Fraser and Frances Griffith, Trustees.

Guests: John Plowman

The Supervisor started the meeting with the pledge to the flag.

The agenda was approved. Fraser moved; Griffith seconded. All ayes Carried.

The July 7, 2021 minutes and the July 22, 2021 Special Meeting with the Township Board and Planning Commission minutes were approved. Parmalee moved; Fraser seconded. All ayes Carried.

SSESA: 18 runs for June; 123 in the TWP for the year; 1116 Total SSESA runs for the year.

DDA: The DDA met with the Consumers Energy representative and discussed the lighting project the will go down west Lansing Rd. Drawings were reviewed but they are still waiting for pricing. Discussion about road repairs on Rose Blvd. were conducted with Troy Parmalee present.

County Comm.: John Plowman gave an update of the County COVID relief money. A public meeting will be held Sunday, Aug. 1, 2021, 5:00pm at McCurdy Park.

The financial statement was approved to pay the bills. Fraser moved; Schmidt seconded. Roll Call: Fulks, Griffith, Schmidt, Parmalee. All ayes Carried.


  • The Board of Review met in July for errors and omissions and had 13 corrections.
  • Ron Malory Construction requested to be on the agenda at the next Planning Commission meeting to review plans for a new build for Spartan Fence.


  • An email was received from the County giving feedback on the Schultz rezoning application for the use of a billboard. The response from MDOT was that if it was rezoned MDOT would deny the sign application.
  • Troy Parmalee notified the Board that the Township had submitted the proper paperwork to apply for the federal stimulus money.


  • There was a motion to approve up to $4500.00 to have the Township parking lot crack sealed. Parmalee moved; Fraser seconded. Roll Call: Fraser, Griffith, Schmidt, Parmalee Fulks. All ayes Carried.
  • A public hearing date was set for Sept. 1, 2021 to raise the annual fee for ambulance service from $45.00 to $65.00 per improved parcel. Parmalee moved; Fraser seconded. Roll Call: Griffith, Schmidt, Parmalee, Fulks, Fraser. All ayes Carried.

Adjourn: Parmalee   moved; Fraser seconded. Carried.

Kelly Schmidt, Clerk