Perry Township





Perry Township operates Roselawn cemetery. Roselawn Cemetery is located at 1864 Elsworth Rd. in Perry and has three sections. The Old section on the south side of Ellsworth Rd., dating back to the early 1800’s, the Cooper section located in the south east corner of the Old section and the New section located on the north side of Ellsworth Rd.  We have over 500 veterans buried at Roselawn. Also at this location, is the historical Hinkley School House.

You may search Roselawn cemetery for information and location through the BSA software link. The Clerk’s office has many historical documents from birth records, obituaries, burial transits, and death certificates that are not visible on the BSA link. Call the Clerk’s office 517-625-4597 ext 3 or stop in on Tues. & Wed. from 9am-4pm to see if we have anything on your loved one.

Instructions for Searching Roselawn Cemetery

  1. Click on the BSA Software link below.
  2.  Click on the “Search” drop down then “Cemetery Management”.
  3. You may look up the occupant name (preferred) or owner name. A list will come up with the search results, click on the appropriate search.

BS&A  Software

The Township Clerk is responsible for the administration of the cemetery. Please contact the Clerk’s office if you need burial or general cemetery information.

Important Notices

  1. Foundations are required for all headstones and are installed by the Sexton. Contact the Township Clerk to order your foundations.
  2. A maximum headstone size of 36” for a single grave.
  3. We typically begin pouring foundations the middle of April/beginning of May and continue pouring until late October/early November.
  4. Water is turned off in late Fall and will remain off until early Spring.