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Downtown Development

Downtown Development Authority

To satisfy the reporting requirements of the Tax Increment Financing Act, Public Act 57 of 2018 the following information is provided.


The Township established a Downtown Development Authority (DDA) in 1990 and was extended in 2014 for an additional 22 years. A map of the DDA boundaries is below. The DDA district is much of the area between the City of Perry and the Village of Morrice along Lansing Rd. including the Perry Township Industrial Parks on Bennett Drive and Rose Boulevard.

DDA Area Map

The DDA is run by a governing board appointed by the Township Supervisor with approval of the Township Board. The Township Supervisor is automatically a member. The DDA Board is required to prepare an annual budget showing the proposed expenditures for the year, which the Township Board must approve and is audited annually.

DDA Bylaws

DDA Annual Budgets

DDA Annual Audits

The DDA must also provide the balance and an explanation of any unexpended fund balances each year.

Explanation of Unexpended Funds and Balances

The DDA district allows the Township to capture taxes from within the DDA district and other taxing jurisdictions through Tax Increment Financing and use them for improvements within the boundaries of the district to increase property values, promote economic growth and development, and improve the vitality of the area. The DDA is responsible for the administration of funds within the DDA district.

1990-2014 DDA TIF Plan – A paper version is available at the Perry Township Office

2014-2036 DDA TIF Plan

Annual TIF Reports

Goals & Activities

The DDA has set forth goals to encourage the development of commercial and industrial properties leading to business growth by continually improving/upgrading infrastructure within the DDA District.

The DDA is currently working with the Shiawassee Economic Development Partnership (SEDP) and the City of Perry, in hopes of extending a water loop system down Lansing Rd, to Bennett Dr., continuing on to Britton Rd. Federal Grant applications have been submitted to help supplement the DDA and City of Perry’s investments into this project.

The DDA is also proposing a lighting project on Lansing Rd. west of M-52 to Signature Ford.


Over the years the DDA has accomplished many projects to promote the growth of the DDA district. 80% of the utilized property in the DDA areas with no vacant buildings has been achieved.

In 2015 lights were installed and upgraded down Rose Boulevard called the Rose Boulevard Lighting Project. The DDA pays the Consumers Energy light bill each month. The cost of this project was $25,495.

In 2001 the purchase of an abandoned gas station within the DDA district with contaminated soil was purchase called the Talbot Property Project. Demolition of the abandoned building, tank removal, cleanup of the contaminated soil and restoration of the property so it could become a sellable parcel was done.

In 2005 a natural gas line was installed in the DDA district down Lansing Rd that looped from Family Dollar to Bennett Drive.

In 2005 the extension of 440 volt, 3 phase electrical power was installed in the DDA district down Lansing Rd from Morrice Rd. to Bennett Drive

In 2018, 37 metal light poles with LED lights were installed down Lansing Rd. from Rose Blvd. to Elsesser’s Auto Repair called the Lansing Road Lighting Project. The DDA pays the Consumers Energy light bill each month.The Lansing Road Lighting Project was dedicated to former Supervisor, Sidney Grinnell on July 24, 2019 and memorialized with a sign provided by Consumers Energy. The cost of this project was $79,165.

In 2020, Bennett Drive from Britton Rd to Lansing Rd was paved. The cost was split with Perry Township in the amount of $31,330 each.

Contracted Services

In 2018 the DDA signed a contract with Consumers Energy for the Lansing Road Lighting Project.

Each year the DDA approves an Annual Investment Pledge with the Shiawassee Economic Development Partnership (SEDP) in the amount of $2500. The SEDP is instrumental in helping the DDA achieve their goals and accomplishments.