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Perry Township Board

The Perry Township Board is comprised of a Supervisor, Clerk, Treasurer and Two Trustees. The Perry Township Board meets on the first Wednesday of the month at 7:00 pm at the Township Hall.

Mark Fulks, Supervisor

The Supervisor is responsible for moderating the meetings, secretary to the Board of Review, board representative to the DDA and assisting on Township Road and Drain Projects. Mark was elected in 2016. To contact the Supervisor call 517-625-4597 Ext: 6 or

Kelly Schmidt, Clerk

The Clerk is responsible for maintaining the records of the Township, handling all election and voter registration issues, maintaining cemetery records and administering the hall rentals. Kelly was elected in 2012. To contact the Clerk call 517-625-4597 Ext: 3 or

Troy Parmalee, Treasurer

The Treasurer is responsible for maintaining all township funds and property tax collections and disbursements. Troy was elected Township Treasurer in 2006. To contact the Treasurer call 517-625-4597 Ext: 1 or

Francis Griffith and Mark Fraser, Trustees

The Township Trustees round out the Township Board and their primary duty is to be legislators for the Township. The Trustees oversee all Township operations and add the checks and balances to the Township Government Operations.


Darlene Parks, Deputy Clerk

The Deputy Clerk assists the Township Clerk in performing her general duties. The Deputy Clerk also handles the hall rental requests. Darlene has been Deputy Clerk since 2012. To contact the Deputy Clerk call 517-625-4597 Ext: 4

Martha Bashore, Deputy Treasurer

The Deputy Treasurer assists the Township Treasurer in performing his general duties, primarily in Tax Collection. Martha has been Deputy Treasurer since 2006 and has previously served in many other Township Offices from Clerk, Treasurer and Trustee. The Deputy Treasurer can be reached at 517-625-4597 Ext: 2.

Tina M. Braman, Assessor

The Township Assessor is responsible for assessing all property within the Township and maintaining the assessment records. Tina started with the Township May 2019 as our Assessor and works with Mikyla Sweet who will hold office hours on Wednesdays from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm to answer any questions you may have. The Assessor can be reached at 517-625-4597 Ext: 5. or

M.R. Green & Sons, LTD. (Mike Green), Sexton

The Cemetery Sexton is responsible for the maintenance and care of Roselawn Cemetery. The Sexton also can show available grave plots. The Green’s have been our sexton since 2008. To reach Mike Green please call her at 517-204-6179.