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Taxing &

Taxing & Assessing

Perry Township is responsible for the Assessment and Levy of Property Taxes for the property located in the Township.

Property Assessment notices are mailed out in the first part of March. Summer Property Taxes are sent out on July 1st and due on September 14th. Winter Taxes are sent out on December 1st and are due February 14th.

For Property Assessing Information, please contact the Assessor at 517-625-4597 Ext: 6 or email The Township fax number is 517-625-6223.  The Assessor is in the office on Tuesday from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm.

Assessor Accessibility Policy

For information on Property Taxes please contact the Treasurer at 517-625-4597 Ext: 1. Additionally Assessment and Tax information is available on-line by clicking on the following link. A nominal fee applies if paying taxes online.

Instructions for Paying Taxes Online

  1. From the Property Tax Page on the Perry Township Website click on the BSA Software link.
  2. You may look up your parcel by Parcel Number (preferred) or by Owner Name or Address. A list will come up with the search results, click on the appropriate parcel.
  3. To the left under services, click on “Current tax Payments”. Follow the steps to pay your taxes on line. A receipt from us will be mailed to you when we process it.

If you have any questions please call Perry Township at 517-625-4597 Ext: 1

NOTICE: We only accept CASH or CHECK for payment at the Township Hall.

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